BTCIX creates a new decentralized blockchain protocol that guarantees full transparency and prevents front-running and market manipulation.


BTCIX combines features of both centralized and decentralized architectures in order to exploit the best of both worlds: fiat support, strong authentication, simplicity, as well as transparency and fairness.


Our extensive experience designing reliably secure systems and our strategic partnership with Ledger ensure state of the art safeguards for crypto assets.


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THE FIRST DEMONSTRABLY FAIR PREMIUM EXCHANGE. incorporates a decentralized ledger within its proprietary centralized platform in order to neutralize front-running and guarantee the unalterability, temporality, and transparency of the order book.'s unique hybrid model and strategic partnership with the bitcoin rush app to provide a fair and secure trading environment in which every type of transaction, intra-chain, cross-chain, and crypto/fiat, is executable.

Thus, unlike fully decentralized exchanges, BTCIX can cover 100% market share with full transparency and security.

Secure Wallet At BTCIX you control your own coins because no one else should be able to spend your coins without your signature. Our team has extensive experience designing and operating reliably secure systems. And a strategic partnership with Ledger means users can count on state of the art safeguards for their crypto assets like smart card based hardware wallets and hardware security modules.
Provably Honest and Fair's exclusive protocol guarantees the temporality of orders. It neutralizes front-running and market manipulation, ensuring a fair and honest trading environment.
Large Fiat Transactions Allowed This unique partnership with Makor ensures scalable, reliable, fast and secure large fiat deposits and withdrawals.
Transparent Using Blockchain technology, the platform is designed to provide auditable trade history and order book, real time proof of reserve and complete reporting.


No existing platform for institutions to access cryptocurrency
Despite the increasing number of investors and traders who recognize the value of cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment, high-profile investors have held back on investing massively in this market. Fund security, verifiability, honesty and fairness along with efficient reporting tools are all badly lacking in the current crypto exchange ecosystem. Opaque and sometimes dishonest exchanges have undermined crypto-community trust.
Stolen BTC Millions of bitcoins have been stolen since 2009 and hackers are always on the lookout for new avenues of attack.
Market Manipulation Without oversight or regulations exchanges are suspected of market manipulation.
No Large Fiat Transactions Low maximum amounts, high fees and long delays for fiat transactions make large size trades tedious.
Opacity Free from accountability, crypto exchanges operate without periodic reports or independent audits.

Fully Decentralized Exchanges: An Unrealistic Solution

Transactions between different blockchains and fiat transactions are impossible on decentralized exchanges. This is a significant drawback to their use given that transactions within the same blockchain represent only 3% of all daily transactions.

Although some projects have been working on the cross-chain issue, a satisfactory solution has yet to emerge, and in any case their potential future expansion is limited to 25% market share.


Development of the exchange is progressing on track. We plan to have a beta version at the end of Q1 2018 on which we’ll have large institutions at first. We will gradually open the platform to more users as we go and release newer versions of the exchange. Of course, we will prioritize users who participated in our token sale.

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